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Celebrity Inspired Looks

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Whenever we are stuck in a fashion rut, we always look for extra inspiration. For some, that inspiration may come from art, nature, music, or in our case – celebrities. Celebrities have the opportunity to be in the public eye and show us their personality through their personal style. We are able to gain some inspiration from their totally cool …

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DIY Beauty Regime: Aloe Vera Mask

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If you are like me, then you love obsessing over finding new ways to improve your beauty regime without spending loads of cash. So I am sharing a classic way to improve your skin with a DIY aloe vera face mask. It is awesome that we can create beauty products with household ingredients and this recipe only takes 2 ingredients! I …

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4 Reasons to Travel to Cape Town, South Africa

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Looking to get some different kind of vibes on your vacation this summer, well try out the majestic city of Cape Town, South Africa. This vibrant city is also nicknamed ‘The Mother City’ to travelers and it definitely lives up to its name. Cape Town is the second most populated city in South Africa, boasting a large percentage of the …

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Coachella Festival Beauty Inspo

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It’s finally festival season and Coachella is just around the corner. This music festival brings thousands of people from around the world together to celebrate art, music, and fashion every year. With the varied assortment of artists that play the festival each year, it is truly a place for everyone. Coachella is that one place we get to dress like the …

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Boho Style Apartment

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Have you just moved into a new pad or are you looking to redecorate your space? If that’s a yes, then you have come to the right place and I have created the perfect inspo for a stellar boho style apartment. I know that redecorating a space with a cohesive theme can get expensive or seem like a drag. However, with this …

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Love Your Lunch

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Do you ever find yourself getting bored of repeating the same lunch everyday? Or struggling to make something quick, but healthy? I know I do! Until I figured out this AMAZING healthy lunch hack. It’s really easy and simple – I promise you will never be flustered over lunch again! It’s also extremely healthy for you and tasty. I never …