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Tribe Girl Cameron McMullen

Cam wearing the Sofia One Piece in Black by Lumahai Swimwear

To kick off 2017, this month’s Tribe Girl, is Florida native, Cameron McMullen. I got to speak with this down-to-earth, genuine babe about life at school, her dreams in California, and her input on fitness! If you visit the Cacique website this month, you’ll see her on the home page, killing it as usual! But now, you get to know a little more about the girl in the suit!

Cam wearing Selvaki Bikini Bottom in Feathers

Cam wearing Selvaki Bikini Bottom in Feathers

Cam truly embodies what being comfortable in your own skin is. She praises imperfections and instills confidence! Her positive mind set shows through in the way she passionately talks about the things she loves! Read the interview below to learn more about this babe:

Tribe Girl Cameron McMullen

Cam wearing Devin Lace up Crop top

Cacique Boutique: Where are you from?

Cameron McMullen: Born and raised in North Florida, Tallahassee that is! But the south is much better!!

CB: What do you study in school?

CM: I am studying Communications with a focus in Public Relations at Florida Gulf Coast University! I also have a minor in Marketing which led me to my internship with Cacique as well!

CB: How has that gone so far (the internship)?

CM: Being a tribe girl and an intern for Cacique has been unexplainable! I love the connections and relationships it has brought me and every time I work with Cacique it is always different in the best way possible!!



CB: How did you become a part of the Cacique Tribe?

CM: I connected with Cacique Boutique over Instagram at the end of this past year! Working with Andrea and Claudia has been very rewarding and always fun!

CB: What is your favorite shoot you have done with us?

CM: Definitely my first shoot! Having that first experience with Cacique, shooting For Love and Lemons, got me hooked immediately and I fell in love!

Tribe Girl Cameron McMullen

CB: And what do you do outside of modeling?

CM: Aside from being a full-time student, I also intern with Cacique Boutique as I mentioned before! I hold a Teacher Assistant position at FGCU with my favorite professor! Working behind the scenes of a class room puts into perspective the challenges they face and has been extremely rewarding! If I’m not participating in that or modeling, you will 100% find me on a beach, soaking up the sun, loving life, myself, and the ones who surround me! I am also infatuated with traveling and live by the quote “I have a calling to be where I am not!”

CB: Sounds busy! Do you ever find time for any secret talents?

CM: Some say I can sing a note or two *winks*

CB: We’ll be watching out for an ablum. Lol how do you define beauty?

CM: Beauty is rockin’ what you’ve got and pushing others to be just as comfortable in their own skin as you are in yours. Someone close told me “the only challenge greater than learning to walk a mile in some one else’s shoes is learning to walk a lifetime, comfortably in your own.”

Tribe Girl Cameron McMullen

CB: Wow I really love that! Do you have any beauty secrets?

CM: Awe, thank you!! One of my favorite beauty secrets right now is coffee scrub! I make it at home; it is so easy and absolutely amazing for your skin! My favorite has to be the glow it leaves on your skin!

CB: We noticed you showcase your fit lifestyle a lot on Instagram – what are your go to ways to stay in shape?

CM: It’s all about being consistent! I am no expert and everyone’s bodies are different! I workout…a lot, twice a day mostly! I think it’s really important to dedicate this time to yourself, whatever it may be, an active body is a happy body!

Tribe Girl Cameron McMullen

CB: Celeb Crush?

CM: Does Blake Lively count???

CB: Blake Lively ALWAYS counts. She’s fabulous

CM: Totally

CB: Okay, more specific, MALE celeb crush?

CM: Would it be wrong to say Ryan Reynolds? LOL just kidding, definitely John Mayer, hands down, sing me to sleep anytime you want!

Tribe Girl Cameron McMullen

CB: Describe your perfect date night.

CM: Anything involving wine, sweets, and the beach. I’ll love that! lol

CB: What do you want to do when you finish your modeling career?

CM: After I graduate from FGCU I really hope to move to California to continue my modeling career and a career in Public Relations/Marketing in the Fashion or Entertainment industry!

Tribe Girl Cameron McMullen

CB: What is your favorite part about being in the Cacique Tribe?

CM: The Cacique Tribe is a group of women that support each other and who radiate confidence, self-love and compassion for everyone around them-what’s not to love? Plus I get to rock kick-ass clothes!

CB: haha of course! Lastly, what is your favorite thing from Cacique?

CM: The first shoot I did I wore this amazing piece of lingerie from We Are Hah. My dream shoot had always been to shoot lingerie in a modernized yet cozy kitchen, thanks Cacique!!!!


Hope you enjoyed getting to know this beautiful soul as much as I did – her humor, compassion and natural wit make her truly one of a kind! Cacique is thankful to have found such an easy-going, admirable girl to welcome to the Tribe!

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What greatness will next month bring to the Cacique Tribe? XOXO

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