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sky inspiration

Next time you are outside, take a moment and take a look up at the blue sky. Try noticing the color of the sky, the shape of the clouds and what you think they look like. If you do this with a friend, you make even notice that you both may not see the same things. People have different senses of imagination and see things from different perspectives. Simple moments like cloud watching is where I like to find a majority of my inspiration. So now you may ask, how do I become inspired and where do I find my inspiration? Well, I have some ways for you to channel these simple moments into moments of meaningful inspiration. We want you to find that inspiration that ignites those passions, that strives you to grow, and that pushes you toward new opportunities. So find your inspiration, your magic, that thing that makes you want to focus and get to work!!


Nature inspiration

For me, my inspiration comes from a mixture of things. However, there are 3 main categories where I find my magic. I tend to find myself looking at my surroundings for things that I feel in tune with. I gain a majority of my inspiration from nature. I love being outside, mainly at the beach or in the ocean, but anywhere outside works. I love the smell of the air after it rains, the way trees get so lush and green, and the way the sun shines on my skin. Don’t worry, I love the night just as much. The night shows me that there is so much beauty in darkness and I will always be a sucker for a nighttime sky filled with twinkling stars. To channel your inspiration through nature, try to spend more time outside and there you will find out what will truly inspire you. Try waking up early to catch the beauty of the sunrise, paddleboarding through the Grand Canyon to enjoy those crystal blue waters, or even walking through the park to admire the trees that we see every day. The Earth is a place full of beautiful living things, you just have to take the time to appreciate it.


art inspiration

Another huge inspiration outlet for me is art. Now this includes all art forms; drawing, painting, fashion, film, and music. Each outlet is different and I gain different inspiration from each, but they are all a great source. I love painting and drawing and sometimes my ideas for my artwork is a mixture of films I’ve seen, advertisements in magazines, and my own imagination. Try going to music and art festivals, they are often filled with great sources of inspiration. Also for extra fashion inspiration, take tips from celebrities that have a style that you admire. You can also check out social media and stylish friends for even more inspo.


friends inspiration

The final main point that inspires me, is life itself. Life to me has 2 sections (even though there are far more facets of life than only 2), but these sections are things that happen to you and things that happen to others. Life can sometimes have its up’s and down’s, but being able to take something away from a situation can be truly inspiring. Take those emotions and feelings that you have and create something beautiful or put it into something meaningful. The second section is the people that inspire you. The ones that make you want to go out into the world and do something great. These people can be family, friends, anyone you look up to or admire.

Inspiration is constantly pulsating all around you, every day. Whether it comes through nature, art or people it is always there. See what ignites a fire in your belly and take that as your inspiration. Keep your mind open and you find your magic. The Tribe would love to hear how you use your inspiration, let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to shop Cacique Boutique

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Giselle Singletary

I am a 23 year female originally from Boston, Massachusetts and currently reside in Wilmington, North Carolina. I have lived in North Carolina for about 13 years. I moved to Wilmington to attend the University of North Carolina Wilmington where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Theatre. I have many interests, because I like to dabble in a little bit of anything. However my favorite this to do is travel - especially to tropical countries! I love the feeling of being somewhere new and the enjoyment of going to interesting shops or tasting mouthwatering food. I go to the beach almost everyday. I have a deep love of the ocean and beach activities. I like how time seems to slow down and everyone seems happier at the beach or in the ocean. Some of my other enjoyments include any form of art. My three favorite mediums are fashion, music, and painting/drawing. I am always striving to get better or learn something new. People would describe me as always smiling and ready for the next adventure! I am a person with a lot of passion and drive, but tend to stay very mellow.
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