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How to Stay on Task During Summer

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During summer we all may stray away from some of other priorities because we might just want to enjoy the nice weather and summertime activities that we have been craving all year. If you are on summer break from school and you plan to travel and relax this summer, enjoy it! However, take each season as a chance to learn …

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4 Reasons to Travel to Cape Town, South Africa

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Looking to get some different kind of vibes on your vacation this summer, well try out the majestic city of Cape Town, South Africa. This vibrant city is also nicknamed ‘The Mother City’ to travelers and it definitely lives up to its name. Cape Town is the second most populated city in South Africa, boasting a large percentage of the …

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Love Your Lunch

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Do you ever find yourself getting bored of repeating the same lunch everyday? Or struggling to make something quick, but healthy? I know I do! Until I figured out this AMAZING healthy lunch hack. It’s really easy and simple – I promise you will never be flustered over lunch again! It’s also extremely healthy for you and tasty. I never …