CATCHING UP WITH CAM: What has she been up to?

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CB: Well it’s been a while since we talked last January! What have you been up to since then?

CM: It’s been that long? Really? I think the better question is what I HAVEN’T been up to. Lol


CB: Of course. Well we have obviously been following along with our tribe girl. Coachella? Los Angeles? You have to tell us your favorite parts.

CM: Coachella is the best topic of conversation. It was such a crazy experience. I got a DM from a friend I had connected with over Instagram. He literally asked me if I wanted a free trip to Coachella with influencers all over the world. It sounded too good to be true so of course I did some investigating to make sure it wasn’t a spin off of taken! HA! It ended up all being legitimate and once it was finalized, within 24 hours I hopped on a plane.


CB: WOW! That actually sounds unreal. What was your favorite part of the entire experience?

CM: Honestly it was extremely overwhelming. I was surrounded by hundreds of influencers and famous people knowing absolutely no one. Once I got out of my comfort zone, I took advantage of the networking opportunities and actually connected with some really incredible individuals I can now call my friends.


Post Malone at Coachella


Cam at Coachella Valley House

CB: That sounds like a dream come true! Did this experience have anything to do with you moving to Los Angeles?

CM: It was! & I made moving to Los Angeles a goal way before Coachella but being in that environment with like minded people definitely gave me the extra push to make it happen faster and I did!



CB: What was a typical day in LA like for you?

CM: A typical week day would always be an early morning! Whether it was a casting, a booking for a job or a workout! Sometimes I would have up to 3 castings or jobs a day! In between, I would sit at my favorite café and catch up on computer work with my internship and school or catch another workout if I was feeling it! My nights consisted of going out with my friends which gave me a lot of opportunity to network! Night clubs in Los Angeles are the prime hubs for meeting people in your industry! Weekends were always meant for adventures. The people that welcomed me into their home brought me to some of the most unreal places! They treated me like family! It was truly amazing.



CB: Wow, we are so proud of you! I guess the only question left is why did you leave?

CM: haha of course, this is literally the question of my life right now! There were several factors that led to me coming home! I felt I rushed getting out there, which left some mental and emotional ties on my end. The entire time I was living with my friends I was also looking for a permanent place for me and one other person to live-unfortunately, in the end, I was left with finding something for myself with a very small time frame. I had friends offer to let me stay with them week to week and here and there but I knew I would never be truly happy if I didn’t feel settled and if I didn’t have a space for myself. I thought leaving to regroup and return the right way would be better than living couch to couch just to stay in Los Angeles. I’m only 22 years old, I have time. & being home with my family has meant everything to me! So, it’s a win in my eyes!


CB: What a bold and brave move! You will definitely get back out there. What are your goals for the rest of the year?

CM: Thank you! Honestly, my biggest goal is my mental and emotional health. This past year I made a lot of sacrifices and didn’t stray from my work once. While it was extremely rewarding it came with a lot of loss as well. I want to spend the rest of this year focusing on the things that are right in front of me that make me immensely happy. The happiness I don’t have to work for!

CB: Go you cam! We are always rooting for you and we wish you all the luck always! Thank you for talking with us!

We always love supporting boss babes with a dream! Check out some more of Cam’s adventures below!

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