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Cacique Boutique Bikini Favorites

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Palm trees, waves crashing ashore, and pina colada’s by the pool are only some of images that grace the pages of a bikini bloggers  blog. Here at Cacique we are in love with bikini photos filled with beach infested adventure, so we have brought you our Cacique Boutique Bikini Favorites! We will share with you Bikini Blogger Adriana Valencia’s favorite bikini and then my personal favorite from Cacique Boutique! These blogs help us find out what people truly feel about the quality, style, and fit of these beautiful bikinis. For us bikini addicts, we love finding new blogs that are dedicated to kinis and introduce us to new brands! Read more below for some of our favs!

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Blogger Adriana Valencia blog is called, A Little Bikini, she reviews the most beautiful bikinis and let’s us know how it really looks on. She recently reviewed one of her favorites, which was a tropical floral printed Black Box Swim bikini. She wore the Georgia High Neck Halter in Nirvana and the Stefanie Cheeky Bottom in Nirvana! Valencia has been obsessed with Black Box Swim since the first time she heard about them and this bikini sure does look good on her!

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My favorite bikini from Cacique Boutique would have to be the Luli Fama Verano De Rumba Strappy Suns Out Bottom in Flame with its matching top, the Luli Fama Verano De Rumba Multi Cross Strap Bra Top in Flame! This bikini’s bright orange color is a color of summer! I love the strappy detailing on the backside, because it reminds me of a tropical oasis where the coconuts are plentiful and the surf is good.

cacique boutique LuliFama_SportsIllustrated_1_9fc205e0-2168-4873-890c-dc5acb703181

We hope that you love these bikinis just as much as we do! And we hope you find some of your summertime favorites through our site! These are only some of the amazing products we carry at Cacique Boutique! Check out our other products by heading to the site here! Ready to shop with us? Comment below and let us know what Cacique Boutique bikinis are on your must have list!

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