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5 Top Hair Trends for 2017

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Beyonce high pony

Ready to rock a new hairstyle this season? Are you utterly frustrated and tired with the style you’ve been wearing for years? Or are you one those people who love to change their hairstyle every 2 months? No matter what your beauty trend style is like, you are in luck and we have our list for the 5 top hair trends for 2017! These hairstyles seem to be channeling some serious 70’s vibes. The hair trends this season vary with styles that are less about structure and have a messy fun look or you’ll be able to spin that a 180 and try styles that are really sleek which you’ll definitely need some product to keep all those pesky hairs in place! 2017 is all about bold hair trends that make a statement. You and your girl gang will be totally trending this season while you walk down the street to grab some brunch at your favorite spot or while you pop in and out of music shops hunting for your favorite bands on vinyl. Some say that the hair can make the woman, so don’t wait and try out these latest hair trends!

Jasmine Sanders Curly hair

Naturally Curly

More curls for the girls! In 2016 a lot of people have been embracing their natural texture or adding texture to their own hair. This season is still about embracing those full curls you were born with! These full-on curls add lots of volume for a stunning island babe look! If your curls are up to it you can do a low maintenance wash and go look. However for those whose curls tend to shrink up, go flat, or frizz once you walk out the door some nice curl enhancing and anti frizz products will go a long way!

Jagger shag

The Shag

Ever wanted to feel like a badass 70’s rockstar? Well here is your chance with this super trendy shag hairstyle! It’s all about mixing the two hair trends of picey wispy bangs together with a mid length lob haircut this season. This effortless looking trend is worth all the hype and will definitely make you feel like the coolest girl on the block. This might just be the look of the season. Get that ‘It’ girl look by cutting eye level wispy piecey bangs and add a little texture to that lob you’ve been trying to grow out since November and you can finally channel that inner hippie rocker chic. Can you dig it?

Bella straight & sleek

Straight & Sleek

Don’t worry it’s okay to say you’ll feel a little like Cher with this bold sleek middle part hairstyle! However, you will probably want to have your smoothing products and flat iron’s ready for this look. This classic hairstyle hasn’t gone anywhere throughout the years and this hair trend is sticking with us for another season. For those girls with a little shorter hair don’t be afraid to add some length with some extra long hair extensions. Go ahead and have some fun with this style!

Zendaya High Pony

High Pony

Get that pony way up there! This super sleek high pony style is a another classic style that is following us into 2017. This style can  can be done three ways. The most popular way this trend has been worn is with the hair sleek all the way through for that very classy chic look. Another variation that we’ve seen is having the base sleek and then the hair in the pony can be styled a little wavy or even curly. Then the third way is to add a little boho to this trend and braid the hair in the ponytail! No matter what you choose, this hairstyle will definitely be on trend in each variation. Trust us, you’ll love your hair like this!

Kendall Flat Wave

Flat Wave

The flat wave is what you will be seeing everywhere this season! These are not bouncy curls, not beachy curls, not really a curl at all. These waves are to be created with a flat iron and the objective is to just put a crease in the hair. The base of this hairstyle is meant to be smooth, so it’s like half of your hair is being styled. This style is meant to look like you are trying but not really, and  we’ve got to say it is totally working!

Wether you want to try a sleek and stylish high pony or embrace that massive head of curls, it’s 2017 and the choice is yours! We hope you are inspired and have an idea of your next hairstyle choice through out list of the 5 top hair trends for 2017. What do you think of our trendy picks? Which of these cool girl styles would you be daring enough to try? Let us know in the comments!

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